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Faegheh Atashin (Persian: فائقه آتشین‎, Azerbaijani: فائقه آتشین, Faiqə Atəşin, born on 5 May 1950 in Tehran) also known by her stage name Googoosh (Persian: گوگوش‎, Azerbaijani: Ququş ) is an Iranian singer and actress. She is known for her contributions to Iranian pop music, but also starred in a variety of movies from the 1950s to the 1970s. She achieved the pinnacle of her fame and success towards the end of the 1970s. Her overall impact and contributions to Middle Eastern and Central Asian pop-music earned her the title of the most iconic female pop-singer from those regions. Due to her great talents and overall endearment to her people, she is a symbol of national pride to the Iranian people.  After the Iranian Revolution in 1979, she is famously known for remaining in Iran until 2000 and not performing again due to the ban on female singers. Still, her following grew. Younger people have rediscovered her music via bootleg recordings. Outside of Iran, she has a significant following in many Middle Eastern and Central Asian countries, and has even caught the attention of western media and press. Googoosh is rumored to reside in a four-bedroom, four-bath home in Beverly Crest, which she bought for $1.37 million from Jack M. Snyder and Stephanie E. Snyder on 13 April 2011, and continues her career, albeit in a limited manner.

Childhood and youth

Googoosh was born 'Faegheh Atashin' on 7 February 1950 in Sarcheshmeh Street of Tehran. Her father, Saber Atashin was an Iranian Azerbaijani who emigrated back to his native Iran several years before his marriage. While Googoosh was still an infant, her father divorced her mother. She began doing impersonations of some of the singers of the time. When her father discovered this talent, he put her on stage.

Googoosh with her father - 1950s
2000 and beyond
In 2000, a feature-length documentary called Googoosh: Iran's Daughter was released which chronicled the singer's life and her icon-status while detailing the socio-political turmoil that led to the 1979 Revolution in Iran. Made by Iranian-American filmmaker Farhad Zamani, the documentary began production in 1998 and was made at a time when Googoosh was still forbidden to give interviews.

In January 2009 she ended her work and personal relationship with Mehrdad, citing "creative differences" and in March 2009 began a new work relationship with her current management team.

On 21 and 24 March of that year, during the Nowruz holiday, Googoosh performed in Dubai. This concert was considered a homecoming for her and thousands of Iranians crossed the Persian Gulf to hear her.

On 22 July 2009, Googoosh delivered an emotional speech in which she said the outcome of the 12 June presidential election, which the protesters accused President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad of stealing, inspired her to make her first foray into politics. She and the other speakers stood in front of a banner bearing the names of some of the 600 protesters believed to remain in jail. The names of those killed were written in red.

Googoosh in 1978
“I have come here to be the voice for the sad mothers who lost their loved ones in peaceful demonstrations,” said the singer. “I have come here to be the just voice of the grass-roots and spontaneous movement among my compatriots and to show my solidarity.”

In December 2010, Googoosh had a very notable concert in the Kurdish region of Iraq and Iran. Tens of thousands of Iranians came from Tehran and beyond. Googoosh currently tours sporadically. She makes occasional concert stops all over the globe. While not touring, she spends time on new work projects or with family. In March 2011, the popstar released a snippet via YouTube of a new song she was working on titled "Bedrood". In April 2011, Googoosh debuted her latest project. The singer launched her own cosmetic collection sold online, aptly titled "Googoosh Cosmetics". Also on 9 April 2011, Googoosh held a legendary concert at the Nokia Theatre in Los Angeles, CA.

Javanan-e Emruz Magazine
  • 1971: first prize and golden record at the Midem trade fair in Cannes for her 7" record (as "Gougoush") featuring two songs in French: "Retour de la Ville" (A-side) and "J'entends Crier Je T'aime" (B-side).     
  • 1972: First prize at the Carthage Music Festival     
  • 1972: First medal of arts of Tunisia     
  • 1973: The best actress for Bita in Iranian Sepas film festival.     
  • 1973: The best artist of the year at San Remo Music Festival.  
Personal life
Googoosh's first husband was Mahmoud Ghorbani. He was a music promoter who had helped Googoosh make a name for herself throughout the '60s. They married in February 1967. They had a son, Kambiz, who currently lives in Los Angeles and who is also in the music industry. Ghorbani was extremely abusive to Googoosh. After about six years of marriage, Ghorbani and Googoosh divorced in late 1972.
In 1975, Googoosh married Iranian actor Behrouz Vossoughi. They divorced fourteen months later, in 1976.  
During the late 1970s, Googoosh became involved with Homayoun Mestaghi, but after the Islamic Revolution in 1979, Googoosh served a three-month jail sentence because she was living with him outside of marriage, which was illegal under the Islamic regime. Several years later, Googoosh divorced Mestaghi.  
She married director Masoud Kimiai in 1991. They divorced in 2003.

Googoosh with Behrouz Vosoughi
Studio albums
  • 1970: Do Panjere (Two Windows)     
  • 1971: Mordâb (The Swamp)     
  • 1972: Kuh (The Mountain)     
  • 1974: Do Mâhi (Two Fish)     
  • 1974: Hamsafar (Co-Traveler)     
  • 1975: Pol (The Bridge)     
  • 1975: Mosabbeb [with Dariush]    
  • 1977: Dar Emtedâde Šab (Along the Night)     
  • 1978: Age Bemuni (If You Stay)     
  • ?: Nimeye Gomšodeye Man ("My Lost Half")     
  • ?: Behtarin Fasle Tâze ("The Best Fresh Season")      
  • ?: Jâdde (The Road)      
  • ?: Kavir (The Desert)      
  • ?: Yâdam Bâše, Yâdet Bâše (Šenâsnâmeye 1)      
  • ?: Setâre (The Star)      
  • ?: Mano Gonješkâye Xune (Me and Sparrows of the Home)      
  • ?: Lahzeye Bidâri (Awakening Moment)  
Albums since comeback
  • 2000: Zartošt (Zoroaster)     
  • 2004: Âxarin Xabar (Latest News)     
  • 2006: Mânifest (Manifest)     
  • 2008: Šabe Sepid (White Night)     
  • 2010: Hajme Sabz (Green Volume)  
  • 1960: Ferešteye farâri (فرشتۀ فراری) - Runaway Angel
  • 1960: Bimo omid (بیم و امید) - Fear and Hope 
  • 1963: Partgâh- maxuf (پرتگاه مخوف) - The Cliff of Fear 
  • 1965: Šeytun balâ (شیطون بلا) - The Naughty One 
  • 1966: Gedâyâne Tehrân (گدايان تهران) - The Beggars of Tehran
  • 1966: Filo fenjân (فيل و فنجان) - Big and Small 
  • 1966: Hoseyne Kord (حسين كرد) - Hoseyn-e Kord 
  • 1967: Çâhâr xâhar (چهار خواهر) - Four Sisters (with Leila Forouhar) 
  • 1967: Darvâzeye taqdir (دروازه تقدير) - The Gate of Fate 
  • 1967: Gânjo ranj (گنج و رنج) - Treasure and Toil 
  • 1967: Dar jostojuye tabahkârân (در جستجوی تبهكاران) - On the Search for Criminals 
  • 1968: Se divâne (سه ‌دیوانه) - The Three Morons 
  • 1968: Šabe fereštegân (شب فرشتگان) - The Night of Angels 
  • 1968: Setâreye haft âsemân (ستاره هفت آسـمان) - The Star of Seven Skies 
  • 1969: Gonâhe zibâi (گناه زيبايی) - The Sin of Beauty 
  • 1970: Tolu' (طلوع) - Sunrise 
  • 1970: Jajale arusi (جنجال عروسی) - The Wedding Brawl 
  • 1970: Panjere (پنجره) - The Window 
  • 1971: Ehsâse dâq (احساس داغ) - Hot Feeling 
  • 1971: Âsemune bi setâre (آسـمون بی ستاره) - Starless Sky 
  • 1971: Qesâs (قصاص) - Retaliation 
  • 1972: Bitâ (بیتا) - Bita 
  • 1973: Xiyâlâti (خیالاتی) - Imaginings 
  • 1975: Hamsafar (هـمسفر) - Travelling Mate 
  • 1975: Nâzanin (نازنین) - Nazanin 
  • 1975: Mamal Amrikâi (ممل آمریکایی‌) - American Mammal 
  • 1975: Šabe qaribân (شب غریبان) - Nostalgic Night 
  • 1976: Mâhe asal (ماه عسل) - Honeymoon 
  • 1977: Dar emtedâde šab (در امتداد شب) - Along the Night 
  • 1979: Emšab aški mirizad (امشب اشکی می ریزد) - Tonight Someone Cries
Googoosh also acted in two other movies: Märd-e keraye-i (مرد کرایه ای) and Haci Feyruz (حاجی فیروز), but the production of each of these films was suspended during the final stages for unknown reasons. Googoosh has also acted in many television shows and ground-breaking commercials in Iran.

Source (with a little change):  www.en.wikipedia.org

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